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About us

Pet Essential Treatment Supplies

About us

Welcome to the world of PETS – a place where love for animals and the highest quality meet as one. Our company was founded from a passion for animals and a deep belief that they deserve the best care we can provide. That is why when we decided to establish PETS, our goal was to create a place that would not only be a store but above all, a place where the well-being and happiness of your pet are our priority.

Why Us?

Love and Passion

Our story begins with a love for animals. Every member of our team is an animal lover, and some of us are proud owners of dogs, cats, and other pets. This love and passion for animals drive our company every day. We are here to share our knowledge and experience with you so that your pet can enjoy health and happiness.

Highest Quality Products

At PETS, we value quality above all. That is why we carefully select each product that we offer in our store. Our range includes only those products that we would use for our pets. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and the formulas are developed considering the needs of various animal species. Each product is carefully tested and recommended by our experts.

Ethical Approach

We are proud of the fact that all our cosmetics are cruelty-free, meaning they were not tested on animals. Our company promotes ethical standards and supports initiatives for the welfare of animals. When you shop with us, you support our mission of creating a better world for animals.

Professional Service

Our team consists of animal care experts who are happy to give advice and help you choose the right products for your pet's needs. We are here to support you and answer all your questions.

Join the PETS Family

Join our growing family of customers who share our passion for animals. Together we can provide our four-legged friends with the healthy and happy life they deserve. Trust us, and you will find that PETS is not just shopping; it is an investment in the well-being and joy of your pet.